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Dots reading list

This year began for me with a return to nature. I recently completed the John Muir

Discovery Award*, which enabled me to immerse myself in nature. This wasn’t just

through the tangible act of being physically present outside, but also, being

imaginatively present too. Through reading, I allowed my mind to drift toward exotic

landscapes, secret streams and garden delights. Books about nature capture so

much - from the changing seasons, to the beauty of the wild. These books remind

you that we often take nature for granted; and that in fact, we are all closely

interconnected with the landscape that surrounds us. Through the words of others, I

was taught how to care for nature, and reminded of how even the simplest of park

walks can be vital for our mental wellbeing.

So here they are: the following books are those that I’ve read and loved this year

while on my re-immersion into the Wild. I hope you find similar delight amongst them.

Robert Macfarlene - Underland

Derek Jarman - Modern Nature

Dan Richards - Outpost

Aldo Leopold - A Sand County Almanac

Tristan Gooley - How to Connect with Nature

Alice Oswald - Weeds & Wild Flowers

Tove Jannson - A Winter Book / A Summer Book

Richard Maybe - Beechcombings: The Narrative Of Trees / Nature Cure

Richard Long - A Line Made by Walking / Walking in Circles

Rachel Carson - The Sense Of Wonder / Silent Spring

John Muir - Essential Muir / The Wild Muir

Claire Keegan - The Foresters Daughter

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